Development Assessment

Creative Fundraising Advisors provides you with an objective review of your development program. We assess the readiness of your development staff to meet goals or take your organization to the next level.

Our development assessment services include:

Internal Review

We conduct interviews with key staff members, trustees, and volunteers to understand the current situation, challenges, and opportunities. These interviews help us assess the mindset and morale of key personnel and determine the culture of philanthropy within the organization. We also review development program procedures and plans to understand current operations.

Data Management Analysis

Our expert data team analyzes all aspects of your donor database or tracking system in order to uncover best practices and inefficiencies. This includes donor entry policies, reports, fundraising projections, and the utilization of tools to engage and retain donors.

Materials Review

Our development assessment process includes a review of all donor communications, including newsletters, annual appeals, foundation grant requests, and online efforts.

Reporting & Recommendations

Our development assessment includes a thorough report that details the effectiveness of the development function across key benchmarks. We also report your organization’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities for success.

Planning & Next Steps

We conclude our work with the creation of a strategic development plan with detailed steps on how to meet your objectives.

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