The McNay

Our Discovery

The McNay Art Museum engaged CFA to determine institutional readiness for phase two of a campaign to make the museum more inclusive, welcoming, and reflective of the diverse San Antonio culture. We conducted a deep assessment of the McNay’s donor base, data practices and materials to obtain a thorough understanding of historical fundraising performance and potential. We discovered that the museum was a beloved force in San Antonio, that there was considerable untapped potential in a broader base of donors, and that the museum was operating without a cohesive strategic plan.

Our Approach

We created a clear road map to take McNay’s fundraising to the next level. We also developed guidelines for phase two of the campaign to improve the museum’s welcome. We also recommended a robust strategic planning process to ensure all board and staff were working toward the same mission, vision and goals.

The Results

The McNay quickly put in place some important best practices for more effective fundraising. The museum also reorganized its fundraising team, which has embraced the road map with clarity and speed.

In addition, the Development Assessment revealed the need for a comprehensive strategic plan to guide the McNay over the next few years. CFA engaged our strategic planning partner, Parenteau Graves, to act on this recommendation and worked with the Board and staff to develop a plan that articulates a bold vision and goals that will position the McNay to be an even more vital part of the San Antonio cultural landscape.

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