Portland Museum of Art

Our Discovery

Creative Fundraising Advisors was engaged to conduct a feasibility study for the museum, located in the heart of Portland, Maine. Having purchased an adjacent building, the PMA acquired new space for programing and activities. During the course of our feasibility study, we identified a need for the museum to re-articulate its mission, vision, values, and goals for a new era.

Our Approach

We worked closely with staff and board leaders to understand and state a compelling and collective vision that reflects the museum’s role in a changing world. We led robust sessions to engage all voices and continued effective planning through the quarantine related to COVID-19. We also led the development of a values-based plan, to help guide all actions for the museum as it reimagines its campus and transforms itself an an institution.

The Results

The planning process led to adoption of a significantly revised mission, a new vision, strong values, and five goal areas to focus the work of staff and board. We next are turning to creation of an operational plan to ensure the strategic plan is at the center of all the museum does in the coming few years.

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