Strategic Planning and Nonprofit Fundraising in 2020

video meeting from home office

Our nation is navigating dual pandemics: COVID-19 and the tragic, daily reminders of ongoing inequality. In this new environment, nonprofits are navigating completely uncharted waters — having to rethink traditional approaches to strategy, fundraising, and planning.  

In this webinar, “Nonprofit Fundraising and Strategic Planning in the 2020 Landscape”, panelists discuss surviving and thriving in the midst of the challenges posed by disease and discrimination.

Paul Johnson and Tony Grundhauser of Creative Fundraising Advisors give the initial presentation about the state of philanthropy in 2020, including lessons learned from past recessions and insights into constructive actions to take during tumultuous times.

Joining them are St. Olaf alumni from a variety of fundraising backgrounds.

Panelists present their insights from the field, discuss with each other, and answer questions. Questions include:

“Are emergency fund campaigns valid?”

“Should nonprofits accept gifts from donors with conflicting values?”

“What ideas would not have been possible before this pandemic — new ideas to be invested in and allowed to flourish?”

Watch the webinar recording from St. Olaf here.