In collaboration with our partner The Lukens Company, CFA provides fully-integrated, multi-channel, results-driven direct response campaigns. Whether unveiling a new exhibit, expanding your prospect pool, or seeking new ways to ensure your message reaches the right audience, there is no more effective way to achieve your goal than through a multichannel strategy.

  • Direct mail, email, telemarketing, digital fundraising, content marketing and video components will create a fully integrated direct response effort.

  • Analytical tools, sophisticated data-driven targeting techniques and award-winning creative encourage giving, raise money, and spread your message in an era where your prospects have the ability to customize how they receive information.

  • Our reports analyze retention and conversion rates, performance across lists, packages, offers, geographic areas and channels, as well as historic performance and trends. We closely monitor results and provide in-depth analysis that determine your next steps with a customized approach to help you raise more money, onboard more members, and expand your mission.