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Webinar Insights from Sharing Power: The Challenge of Board Diversity

The issue of Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEA&I) is making headlines in America right now, as it ought to be. So agreed the panelists in our April webinar. These nonprofit and corporate leaders gave concrete, substantive suggestions for what nonprofit leadership can do to move toward more diversity on Boards.


Highlights from our Finding Diverse Fundraising Talent webinar

The experience of building diversity in his own company led Johnson to partner with Lisa Tabor of CultureBrokers to develop a “Finding Diverse Fundraising Talent,” a panel discussion with national fundraising experts. The panel started by answering the question why it matters to have people of color represented in fundraising and then suggested ways to go about hiring differently. “You can’t post and pray. You have to do things differently. You have to look for connections. With filling positions, you can’t just turn on the spigot; you need to always be out there.”


Planned giving in a pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven a significant rise in end-of-life planning, with many sources showing a 30-45% increase in the creation of wills, trusts, and estate plans. As a consequence, nonprofits are reporting a significant increase in planned gifts.